LIVE and Online October 14, 2020, 8:45 AM to 3:15 PM CT

8:45 am

Registration & Virtual Orientation

9:00 am

Opening Remarks 

Paul Lucas

Managing Editor ,Insurance Business America

9:05 am

Keynote: Forget the Apologies, and Learn to Lead with Confidence

Do you find yourself saying "sorry" for mundane issues? Do compliments or praise make you feel uncomfortable? Are you worried that confidence can sometimes be perceived as cockiness for women If so, join Professor Maja as she explains:

  • Why women apologize so much and how it makes us feel, AND how we're perceived by others
  • How we can switch out our “apology-lingo” for leadership-lingo
  • How deflection of praise and feminine modesty hurts our careers and our confidence
  • How unconscious gender bias influences our confidence and communication styles
  • The latest data from her global study on women's confidence

Professor Maja

Sociologist, Author & Confidence-researcher ,Professor Maja Inc.

9:35 am

Panel: Taking a Risk – How do you Further Your Career

It’s natural to want to stay in your comfort zone, but is fear preventing you from moving up or trying something new? Taking a risk can look different depending on where you are in your career; however, it’s necessary for both organizations and individuals who are looking to stay relevant and thrive. Explore how top leaders in the industry have navigated risks in their career and beyond insurance – what you can do once you’ve ‘hit the top.’

  • Steps to manage risks and get out of your comfort zone
  • How to stand out while working from your dining room table
  • What you can do next to challenge yourself and grow as a leader
  • Ways to use your talents to be heard: write a book, serve on a board, start a committee and beyond
  • How to excel in your current position while remaining open to opportunities


Sara Tineo

Vice President – Healthcare ,Marsh


Wesley Griffiths

Actuarial & Analytics Leader ,Travelers Insurance

Jessica Scelzi

Chief Commercial Officer ,The Zebra

Elizabeth Geary

Chief Underwriting Officer - North America ,TransRe

Errica Rivera

Culture and Inclusion Lead ,State Auto Insurance Companies

10:25 am

Networking 101

We can all have a conversation, but how do you build meaningful, productive connections? In this session, you will learn about the art of listening and the key tools you can implement to enrich both business and personal interactions. You will even have an opportunity to practice during a period of guided networking following the session.

  • What is virtual networking – what does it look like?
  • What have we learned from this culturally? How are things changing?
  • What questions should you ask to build connections – both virtually and in person?
  • How do you go beyond a conversation and grow a relationship?
  • How does networking look different in each stage of your career?

Jodie Kaufman Davis

Corporate Senior Vice President, Managing Director ,Burns & Wilcox Canada

10:45 am

Networking & Coffee break

11:30 am

Panel: How to Build a Successful Mentorship

Brought to you by:

Studies show that strong mentor relationships can increase opportunities in the workplace, impacting promotions, pay raises and overall career success. From a business standpoint, companies that support mentoring show higher levels of employee loyalty, engagement and initiative. But how do you get paired up with the right mentor? And as a mentor, will having a mentee actually benefit you? This panel will feature key mentors and their mentees who share best practices and lessons learned – professionally and personally.

  • The process for finding the right mentor/mentee: do’s and don’ts
  • Dedication and time: Is it worth it?
  • Biggest topics discussed monthly
  • Advice and biggest takeaways for mentees/mentors
  • How to create and promote opportunities for cross-generational, diverse mentoring


Becky Schroeder

Chief Marketing Officer ,ITC


Kathleen Bolduc

Founder and CEO ,The Kildare Pike Group, LLC

Dunnia Ulloa

Corporate Internal Auditor ,Travelers

Natalie Burns

Managing Director ,The Hartford

Candace Rhea

Executive Underwriter/Sales Leader Dallas RO – Middle Market ,The Hartford

12:20 pm

Know Your Personal Brand

Creating a strong personal brand is essential to developing as a leader. Are you consistently living your personal brand every day? What does it have to do with a successful career? This session will discuss the power of knowing your personal brand and tools for using it to grow and impact others as you lead in the workplace.

  • How do you know your personal brand?
  • Tools to articulate your personal brand at work
  • How can you develop your position as a leader while working from home?
  • Serving others versus self-promotion
  • Advice for continuing to develop your identity as a leader

Judy Busby

Senior Vice President, Executive Search and Corporate Strategy ,Jacobson 

12:40 pm

Lunch break

1:20 pm

Approaching LinkedIn with a Strategy and the Gift of Social Reciprocity

Brought to you by:

With increasing technology, no matter what your role is there is an expectation that you will stay current and have a strong online presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is having an increasing influence on the face of the insurance industry, not just from a business perspective but also from a personal development standpoint. This session will examine how you can use LinkedIn to build your brand, develop powerful relationships, and really stand out from the competition.

  • How to develop your LinkedIn professional career story as a vehicle for new opportunities
  • Tips for attracting valuable professional interactions
  • Advice for setting boundaries between LinkedIn (social media) and your work
  • The importance of social reciprocity to earning trust
  • How to gain credibility through thought leadership

Shelly Elsliger

LinkedIn Trainer & President ,Linked-Express

1:55 pm

Panel: Leading the Change

In an insurance market that continues to change, few would argue against the need for increased diversity of leadership. But how can we move this conversation forward in insurance? In an effort to build an authentically inclusive workplace, senior leaders will analyze the current status of the industry and how to advance diversity, equity and inclusion from discussion into action.

  • Gender balance and the talent gap: Trends in the industry today
  • What can we learn from the next generation’s approach to equity in the workplace?
  • Advice for how you can help support diversity in your workplace
  • Innovation – where are we going in 2020?
  • What do you say? How do you support others when you’re unsure


Sabrina Timmins

Vice President, Broker Strategy ,CNA Insurance


Jay Chappell

Texas Leader, Corporate Risk & Broking ,Willis Towers Watson

Sherri Crawford

Vice President, Broker ,Breckenridge Insurance Group

Jacob Galecki

Founder and Managing Principal ,Galecki Search Associates

Nancy Dorvil

Head of Property Canada ,Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

2:45 pm

Networking and Refreshments

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