Jeanette Ward

Chief Operating Officer, Texas Mutual Insurance Company


Jeanette Ward joined Texas Mutual in 1993 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. As COO, Jeanette is responsible for claim and network operations, safety services, call center, underwriting, information technology, digital innovation & solutions, marketing, and customer engagement. Throughout her career Texas Mutual, Jeanette has been responsible for a wide variety of the company’s operations, including strategic planning, budgeting, business analysis, and corporate accounting. Additionally, she provided leadership for several major company initiatives, including a new enterprise claim system; WorkWell, TX, the company’s health care network; and Texas Mutual’s first injured worker mobile app. Jeanette has also shared her time and talent with several charitable organizations. In 2014, she helped organize and lead Texas Mutual’s fundraising campaign for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Austin. Additionally, she has volunteered with United Way of Austin by reviewing financial grant applications from nonprofits and is part of the organization’s Early Matters Austin collaborative. She also serves as a board liaison for the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation.

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