Laura de Sordi

Managing Director - Latin America, Sedgwick


Laura was appointed as Managing Director following the opening of Sedgwick’s (formerly Cunningham Lindsey) new operational hub in Miami, Florida in response to the fast-developing growth and relocation of insurance, reinsurance and broking firms to the city. In her role, Laura is responsible for managing business in the region and further enhancing relationships with existing clients, assisting with complex loss claims and developing new business opportunities across the entire region.

Since becoming regional leader of Latin America and the Caribbean, Laura has been working very closely with market leaders in 11 countries including Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Trinidad & Tobago. All individual market leaders within the team are men and report directly to Laura.

Laura has been instrumental in the delivery and success the regional team has achieved. She has successfully created a set of proactive and efficient processes utilizing her technical knowledge for improving services and driving business growth. Under Laura’s leadership, the team has been awarded the Latin America Loss Adjusting Firm of the Year award at the Reactions Latin America Awards in 2017. Laura was given the distinct honour to share her experiences in leading the firm’s Latin American team in offering reliable quality services, support and advice across the region.

As an example, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Maria in 2017, Laura managed to achieve impressive business results by using her skills, knowledge and proactive approach in developing solutions for clients whose customers’ businesses were affected by the hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico and the surrounding areas.

Laura acted with boldness by taking smart risks to deliver exceptional results for those most affected by the catastrophe. After major hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, Laura immediately assembled teams with staff drawn from 24 countries across the globe to help deal with the unprecedented levels of urgency and need. She also made intuitive decisions and strategic commitments of resources by ensuring there were key people on the ground before the storms hit and reinforced the team with additional support using private jets to make sure they could access the affected areas. As a result, Sedgwick was the first international loss adjuster in Puerto Rico to help with the hurricane response.

Laura is educated and trained as an attorney. She started her career working as a lawyer at Forza Law Firm in Venice (Italy) for four years before moving to Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. based in London to take the role of Head of the Legal Department Insurance Affairs (two years), Head of Global Risk Specialty Lines Claims, which incorporated responsibility for Aviation, Marine all over the world as well as Property, Engineering and Casualty claims in Latin America and Spain (nine years).

She handled a team of lawyers and claims handlers and mentored women in believing in themselves and helping them grow in the company by offering educational support and involving them in (calculated) challenges to push them to advance in their career.

She was appointed as Strategic Business Development Leader of Sedgwick (previously Cunningham Lindsey) in Miami for seven months before being promoted to Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. In her role as managing director, Laura is responsible for maintaining and growing Sedgwick’s business in Latin America and the Caribbean region and providing a full range of services including loss adjusting, forensic advisory services to quantify the financial impact of losses and investigate services associated with efi global – the forensic engineering, fire investigation and environmental consulting division of Sedgwick as well as TPA services.

Laura obtained her private judge qualification from the Professional Body of Lawyers and Judges, Consiglio dell'Ordine degli avvocati e A.D.M.I., University of Venice, Italy. She is also a qualified criminal lawyer, having passed the PG course for Criminal Law from the Italian Board of Criminal Lawyers.

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