Nina Boone

Co-Sales Leader, Mergers & Acquisitions and Transaction Solutions Group, Aon


Nina Boone’s day job is as the New Business Leader, for Aon’s Mergers & Acquisitions Group. Nina has over three decades of experience leading new and expansion revenue generation strategies. She has been recognized for her expertise in sales process and discipline, collaborative team selling and sales team mentoring, all of which have consistently driven year over year record revenue generation throughout her leadership career.

Nina was named US Board Chair for Aon’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts in early 2017. Nina is passionate about women’s leadership and the positive effects great women leaders can have on revenues, engagement and the culture of an organization. Nina has seen first hand what can happen when diverse talent and revenue generation activities are brought together. Nina’s enthusiasm for empowering women at Aon led her to establish the “Engaging Men to Empower Women” mentoring program in August 2015, focusing on business acumen and career progress through cross-level business expertise, and highlights the value of gender diversity in the workplace.

Nina is a sought after coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs and young women future leaders in several countries. Nina holds an Executive board position with Savvy Ladies and is dedicated to women and their financial independence. She completed the Class of 2016-2017 International Women’s Forum Fellowship, the leading women’s executive development program in the world.

Nina speaks nationally on the topic of diversity and inclusion, always with an eye toward utilizing an organizations talent agenda to move innovation and business forward. She believes that diversity truly is our superpower!

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